Cocktail Refugee meeting

roze woensdag pride walk

Everybody should feel safe and welcome in Nijmegen.

The goal of Cocktail (COC Region Nijmegen) is to make LGBTIQ+ refugees feel at home. That is why we organise meetings for LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers. On Roze Woensdag (Pink Wednesday) Cocktail COC Nijmegen organizes a special meeting for refugees an asylum seekers! Note: this meeting is only for people who register via

Our program starts at 12.00 at the Stevenskerk, where we will attend the official opening of pink Wednesday at 12.30. Thereafter, we will get the party started and guide you through the city on the wonderful day. Activities that we will attend include the queer parties and joining the pride walk. Are you a LGBTIQ+ refugee and do you want to take part? Please mail us on the address above.

More about Cocktail

  • Cocktail Nijmegen wants to help reduce the isolation that LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers are confronted with. Fleeing a country in which you are not safe being LGBTIQ+, and ending up in an asylum center is making life difficult.
  • We want to introduce LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers to each other, to the Dutch society and to the LGBTIQ+ community. In this way we try to improve the social climate for LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers and make them feel less isolated. More information:

Bekijk het hele programma van de Vierdaagsefeesten op

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