Call for partners Rainbowdays.eu

  1. Introduction to Rainbowdays.eu

Stichting Roze Woensdag (The “Pink Wednesday Foundation” or “Rainbow Wednesday Foundation”) is a Dutch NGO and organizes yearly the Roze Woensdag (Pink Wednesday or Rainbow Wednesday), an inclusive LGBTI-day in Nijmegen (176,000 inhabitants). In the Netherlands it is common for the LGBTI-community to use the colour pink, as a remembrance of the pink triangle that homosexuals had to wear in the concentration camps during World War II. Nowadays more and more we use in the Netherlands the internationally well-known rainbow colours. Because of that and because of the readability we’ll use here the term Rainbow Wednesday for the event itself.

Rainbow Wednesday is an inclusive LGBTI-day that takes place during a large non-LGBTI-event: the Four Days Marches Parties, the festivities that are celebrated during the International Four Days Marches. Those marches are the biggest multi-day walking event in the world. 45,000 people from all over the world take part in these walking marches and the Four Days Marches Parties (that last 7 days!) attract 220.000 visitors every day.

We call it an inclusive LGBTI-day because of the fact that it is organized also with and for a straight audience. With Rainbow Wednesday we like to build bridges. And we are successful in doing that: in the past ten years Rainbow Wednesday grew from 1 participating stage, 2,000 visitors and none of the walkers wearing pink to 8 participating stages, 50.000 visitors and at least 50% of the four days marches walkers wear pink or rainbow colours.

Stichting Roze Woensdag is a small local organisation in Nijmegen but with an extensive national network in the Netherlands. The foundation consists of a board of 3 people (president, treasurer and secretary), and two professional project leaders (Wouter Christiaens – Youth in Action and Sander Ederveen – Cultural Action Europe and Youth in Action) who each have more than 10 years of experience as well as a large local, regional and national network. Both project managers have international European project experience and extensive experience with social projects, subsidy, welfare, project management, event organization, training. Our PIC is 903708746.

Stichting Roze Woensdag would like to ‘export’ the idea and characteristics Rainbow Wednesday to 4 or 5 EU-countries in 2021.

We call the concept Rainbowdays and we are looking for partners to cooperate with. Stichting Roze Woensdag will be the leadpartner in the Rainbowdays Project.

  1. Priority: creating awareness

The first priority of Rainbowdays is to create awareness of the LGBTI group among:

  1. the general public
  2. the diversity within LGBTI-group itself, among who refugees, mentally challenged LGBTI-people, transgender people etc.
  3. the history of the LGBTI-groups in the EU, the emancipation period, the current laws concerning LHBTI rights.
  4. political parties and persons about the presence of the LGBTI community.


We are searching for collaboration with 4 or 5 partners to organise the Rainbowdays in 2021.

  • Organise Rainbowdays in 4 or 5 countries, celebrating the freedom. The form of the day may vary per country.
  • To exchange awareness projects created by volunteers in each country.
  • To exchange (the) involved volunteers.
  • Create ideas together for dissemination of the results.
  • To organise trainings and share best practises

All the above will be created in co-creation with the partners. See Appendix ‘partner profile’ for more specific characteristics about the partners we are looking for.

  1. Two main characteristics of a Rainbowday

Although there is a lot of freedom in form, content and programme components, there are two main obligatory characteristics of a Rainbowday:

  1. Celebrating the freedoms we have during an existing event with a diversity of local partners.

The partner will connect to the organising committee of the local festival/event, to LGBTI-partners ánd non-LGBTI partner in the city (both NGO’s as commercial), will connect to the municipality and so forth. The aim is to organise a visible event celebrating LGBTI’s

  1. Creating LGBTI-awareness .

The idea is that all partners develop at least four awareness projects. They’ll organize those projects in their own city. Furthermore, all partners choose 2 projects from every other partner to be organized in their city (so 6-8 in total) by the initial partners. The results of all this, are: 10-12 projects take place in every city; volunteers from all the participating countries will be exchanged because they accompany their own project. All awareness projects should be usable, accessible and feasible in all of the participating countries.

  1. The EU programme

We will apply to the EU programme ‘Europe for citizens’, strand 2 Democratic engagement and civic participation; civil society projects. The (hard) deadline for the application is September the first in 2020. The project starts in 2021.

  1. The bigger ambition

The bigger ambition is to create a network of Rainbowdays throughout the EU, to apply for a multiple year subsidy and to grow to one Rainbowday in every EU country. The Rainbowdays need to be a start. After one year they will keep on being organised.



Appendix: Partner profile


  • The Rainbowdays project is open to organisations located in the EU Member States and – provided they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commission – to:
    • Accession countries, candidate countries and potential candidates
    • EFTA countries party to the EEA agreement
  • The partners of the project are all organizations located in countries that have at least ‘Decriminalised’ LGBTI (see ILGA.org chart attached).
  • Heterosexual-inclusive or LGBTI-inclusive organisations
  • NGO’s, e.g. welfare organisations, minority organisations, local or regional Amnesty International departments
  • Experienced with working with minority projects is a plus
  • Experienced with project management in general and with EU-projects in particular
  • Organisations with a large local and regional network
  • Possession of or obtaining a PIC (Participant Identification Code) for organisations participating in EU funding programmes.
  • Experienced and successful with own financial resources (e.g. co-funding, third party financial resources)
  • Experienced with working with both professionals (e.g. project leaders) and volunteers
  • Located preferably in a university city (because of possible research and inter university networks)
  • Preferably not located in a capital
  • Preferably located in a city without a gaypride or comparable events
  • Organisations with demonstrable goals and results
  • Organisations with demonstrable continuity concerning:
    • Finance
    • Board members
    • Professionals
    • Period of existence (preferably at least 4 years)
  • Experienced with working with young people and/or elderly people is a plus

Project leaders

  • Heterosexual and openminded regarding LGBTI’s or LGBTI and openminded regarding heterosexuals
  • Experienced with working in and/or cooperating with NGO’s, e.g. welfare organisations, minority organisations, local or regional Amnesty International departments, municipality, commercial organisations
  • Experienced with working with minority projects is a plus
  • Experienced with project management in general and with EU-projects in particular
  • Having a large local and regional network
  • Experienced and successful with finding (co-)funding
  • Experienced with working with both professionals and volunteers
  • Demonstrable goal and results oriented
  • Experienced with working with young people and/or elderly people is a plus

Please send

  • Résumé of the organisation including:
    • Successful projects and EU-projects including goals and deliverables
    • Résumé of the project manager who will lead the project
    • PIC code
    • Prove of continuity
    • Successful co-funding results
    • Target groups
  • Organisation chart / organigram


We hope you are interested in joining us for this plan! A start of a project that can grow big in the future. If you are interested, please inform us before the first of december 2019, email us at info@rozewoensdag.nl. The project starts in 2021.

The follow up

After the deadline we will connect to all (potential) partners, send the project plan. The co-funding amount will be decided on by the EU, this project needs local co-funding. Only after the project plan is approved the EU will decide on the amount of co-funding. We will try to keep it low.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information!

Sander Ederveen +31 (0) 643064060 (tel, WhatsApp, Telegram) and info@rozewoensdag.nl)

Wouter Christiaens +31 (0) 55733000 (Tel or WhatsApp)